Nidderdale Junior Cricket League

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Safeguarding Children

The League has a duty of care and welfare of young people. As such we have adopted and implemented the ECB Safe Hands Policy. 

All the clubs within our League have also adopted the policy and have agreed to adhere to the following:

  • Child Welfare Officer should be DBS checked through TMG CRB on behalf of the ECB
  • Child Welfare Officer should have been on the ‘Safeguarding Children’ course and the ‘Safe Hands’ course.
  • All clubs should include the policy in their constitution
  • All umpires standing in the League must be members of the ECB ACO and therefore DBS checked
  • All club umpires must by DBS checked.
  • All scorers over eighteen must be DBS checked
  • All Captains must be DBS checked
  • It is recommended that Vice Captains are DBS checked
  • On the field of play at least one person per team must be DBS checked